HIKIÄN Propolis

from Finland



Wild nature, millions of flowers and a clean Scandinavian environment - a perfect place to produce delicious & excellent honey & propolis.



It is a pure superpower from nature. Known as nature's own antibiotic as it has been used to treat many illnesses for thousands of years. Scientists have proven that propolis has the ability to fight bad bacteria and viruses. Its secret is the propolis flavonoids that releases antioxidants and has the power to prevent illness or even heal different diseases.


Ethanol 70%

Propolis 20%

Water 10%


30 ml HK$480

What is propolis 蜂膠?


Bees also produce a compound called propolis, besides honey, from the sap mainly from pine tree and combine the it with their own discharges, beeswax and enzyme to build their hives and protect them from any bacteria that they will survive against all diseases and over the winter too. This is propolis.


Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations used propolis for its medicinal properties. Greeks used it to treat abscesses. Assyrians put it on wounds and tumors to fight infection and help the healing process. Egyptians used it to embalm mummies


When scientists have looked closer at the exact chemical composition of propolis, they have found that it actually contains over 300 natural compounds, including amino acids, coumarins, phenolic aldehydes, polyphenols, sequiterpene quinines and steroids. In general, raw propolis is made up of approximately 50 percent resins, 30 percent waxes, 10 percent essential oils, 5 percent pollen and 5 percent of various organic compounds.


How to use


Mix 10-30 drops with water. The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. The product must be kept out of reach of children. Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or healthy lifestyle.


* Not for children under 1 year old.

Propolis 蜂膠對皮膚病、例如暗瘡、濕疹的幫助。


Hikiän蜂膠以其殺死有害細菌的能力而聞名。 它通常用來治療流感和喉嚨痛。 但是,你也可以使用它到你的皮膚上。 許多人發現Hikiän蜂膠有助於治療痤瘡(暗瘡),濕疹和皮膚灼傷。


如何使用蜂膠的處理皮膚問題? 你只需將1-15滴滴在你的皮膚上,然後輕輕地摩擦。 避免皮膚與水接觸至少幾個小時,以免將蜂膠洗掉。 讓蜂膠盡可能長時間留在你的皮膚上,以取得最佳效果。

Health Benefits


1. Helps Combat Cancer (抗癌)

2. Treats Candida Symptoms (治療念珠菌症狀)

3. Stops Herpes (Cold Sores) Reproduction


4. Prevents and Treats Common Cold and Sore   Throats (預防及治療喉嚨疼痛)

5. Fight Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses (殺寄生蟲、殺菌、殺病毒)

6. Improves Fertility for Females with Endometriosis (改善子宮内膜異位症)

7. Lowers Blood Pressure (降血壓)

8. Treat athlete's foot, wounds, burns, asthma and diabetes (治療足癬,哮喘,糖尿病)

9. Strengthening the immunity system and supports liver from toxics.



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